The Most Common Therapeutic Massage Types

Deep tissue massage therapy is the same to the Swedish massage; however, deep pressure can help when it comes to release the chronic muscle tension. The focus here is on the deepest layer of the muscle tissue, fascia and tendons. The study had shown that the blood pressure level will fall after 30 minutes of deep tissue massage. The massage has also shown that it can help to reduce the stress related to the heart rate with hormone levels while triggering serotonin and oxytocin release.

Sports massage

The sports massage therapy is meant to be given to the athletes regardless if they are just weekend joggers or professionals. The massage will be customized to fit the needs of the clients depending on which sports the person is engaged into to focus on the body parts that are stressed out or overused because of repetitive or aggressive movements.

The sports massage aspect had gained the popularity and they are useful components for balanced training regimen. The sports massage therapy can be used before the event or after the event to maximize the recovery time and to improve with the performance level. The athletes found out that specially designed sports massage may promote the flexibility, can improve the endurance and it helps with the injury. It prepares the body with the mind to achieve the optimal performance. Among the benefits of the sports massage therapy when compared to other massage, it is the capacity of using target muscle tendon junctions. For the person who participates in regular sports, it is advised to get sports massage after one or two weeks.

Medical therapy

The medical therapy is not about relaxation but about healing injuries and reducing the pain. The massage therapy is being used in the medical field. The medical massage had been designed in the way that it can address different discomfort of the client. The reason behind the massage is dealing with dysfunctional area and problems in the soft tissue. It is meant for the people who are recovering from the surgical procedure or injuries. A doctor can inform the client if he will benefit when he gets this massage.

Myofascial massage

This is the massage for you if you have suffered muscle soreness or stiff muscle which will not go away. However, you should not confuse this type of massage to deep tissue massage. The massage is meant to treat pain, immobility and skeletal muscles. This focuses on the fascia with more connective tissues. To achieve myofascial release, a sustained and gentle pressure will be applied in order to loosen up and to lengthen constricting fascia. During such time, a practitioner can try to break down adhesion found within the tissue. It will take some minutes for every specific area to get worked on and the tissue to become soft and to be re-aligned. This can be done without a need to use the lubricants while the therapist will need to be accurate when it comes to the manipulation of the fibers found with the fascia.

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