What Makes Therapeutic Massage Different To Deep Tissue Massage?

For some people, therapeutic massage is confused with deep tissue massage. This makes sense since this is the most common of the therapeutic massage type and it is what most people are looking for.

Therapeutic massage is the term used for every type of the massage which helps in relieving the pain, reducing the stress and it works to deal with some specific problems. Some people assume that therapeutic massage means deep tissue massage and they are going to get strong massage. However, this is not the case always, but it will not be what you need every day. The best therapist can apply different technique with the best amount of the pressure in order to address some needs with a lighter touch. Deep tissue massage helps in breaking down the scar tissue and to get the blood circulating. However, it cannot be the best massage to get on regular basis. The best therapist is going to apply specific technique with the right amount of the pressure in order to address the needs of the clients with a lighter touch.

There are different type of therapeutic massages such as sports massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial massage and neuromuscular massage. Different therapists can combine different technique and this is going to depend on the needs of someone. Besides, the therapist can take up additional classes to do additional techniques.

Benefits of the deep tissue massage

Some clients can be interested in getting deep tissue massage and this will make sense since it is the best way that they can easily manage their pain. Deep tissue massage with other therapeutic massage methods, they can give enough relief for the chronic pain. Most of the clients may require the treatment to deal with frozen shoulder or neck pain. These are known as two side effects when someone works on the computer the entire day.

Side effects of deep tissue

The side effects of someone who got deep tissue massage, it can be different from one person to another. After the massage, the client can feel the soreness for the first two days, mostly when the therapist has given a strong massage. Deep tissue massage does not have to cause horrible pain but when it does, it is good to ask the therapist to reduce the pressure. When the therapist had worked on the muscle, then you can feel as the toxins will be leaving the body.

The other side effects after the massage are to be disoriented. Some people can feel light headed and this is something normal. You should sit in the lobby and then drink enough water up to the time such feeling can pass. After 15 minutes you will feel well. The deep tissue massage can make you feel dehydrated and this is why the therapist is going to give water when he finishes. You have to take enough water after getting therapeutic massage.

If you want to get therapeutic massage or deep tissue massage, you should start by talking to your doctor first and he can recommend where you can get the massage.

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